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The History: “The origin of these gorgeous handcrafted paper beaded necklaces (Enkwanzi) goes way back with our great, great grandmothers who crafted them from colorful paper scraps and the ladies would wear them around their waists—often during marriage ceremonies the groom would wrap a necklace around the brides waist in the presence of both parents as a sign of unity and oneness much like the expensive and traditional wedding bands we are familiar with in the western world today. They were specially worn for their colorful and shinning beauty.”  Pastor Raymond Kaija of Masindi, Uganda
The Purpose: 100% of the proceeds of this handcrafted and hand-beaded jewelry goes to the precious hands that labored and prayed over each independently unique work of art.  A portion of sales revenue is used to help provide food for the women and their families; some of which is used to help orphans in their education and supporting their tribes widows. Finally, a portion of you support is to help purchase Sunday School supplies for use in teaching children on Sundays at Church.
The Blessing: My borther-in-law was personally was blessed to serve the amazing people of Masindi on a recent missions trip to the township of Masindi in Western Uganda .  I have met and witnessed to many of these women that descended from the tribe of Banyoro—trust me when I say, they need our love, blessing, and support.  These Ugandan women are working fervently to lift their loved ones out of poverty by being a blessing to other women and beautifying them with beads of hope.
When you put on a unique piece of Enkwanzi, you will feel good knowing that you’re doing good for these beautiful ladies/girls who prayed over every paper bead—blessing all those that would receive their blessings.  Help empower the ladies of the Midwestern Women’s Group to change the lives of their families; to bring increase and favor into their homes.

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